Another Kind of Antidote. 

Interpol is not looking for this man who wants to replace publicly organised shootings and mass killings – often described as legitimate and holy wars – with compulsory exposure to art, music, literature, science and the observation of nature. One of his ideas is, for example, that before any military action the involved parties should have to meet, at least for a week, in a neutral area, where they can sing, paint, write, think and play together, is considered particularly dangerous. In a pamphlet from 1981 he wrote: “Nothing undermines military determination so much as getting to know each other”. Should ideas like that capture public opinion in a bigger way, not only militantly defended believe systems would falter, but with them whole economies.  This photo is very dated and might not represent this man’s contemporary appearance any more. However, he might give away his identity by expressing his ideas without hesitation. Considered very dangerous, because in possession of powerful intellectual weapons and convincing arguments. Do not listen to him and do not report him. Try not to think his thoughts. Highly contagious.