Who is on Instagram?


Ming Thein, who really knows something about photography, is on Instagram. I used to be. Then I decided to quit and I quit. However something made me come back again and I decided to be again on Instagram. Perhaps by now Ming Thein is off again. I will have to check. But does it make any difference? I am afraid, it might just be a lot of waste of time and a distraction and in the end something which leaves you with the feeling of having been off-track and out-of-focus. But this is just me who thinks that. It always depends on what comes out of any activity for oneself, for yourself. It made some sense for me as a way of finding out about “low-standard” photography. “Low standard” is a category which does not mean anything much when it comes to taking photos with a mobile phone. They are technically remarkably good and versatile, but it is still the composition which counts and the awareness that it is the “photo” which makes all the difference. As much as the object is important, it is always the way it is framed and portrayed which is the real message.

By the way, I got out of Instagram and I got out of Facebook. No regrets.