Apps I cannot live without (1)

Of course, there are all the applications which I use every day for writing, music, photography, and they need to be really good and helpful for my interest and tasks. I leave them aside for the moment. I just want to draw attention to some applications which make my life on the computer easier, which remove repetitive tasks and simplify the work with mouse and keyboard and particularly all the different steps when needing to find something.
On top of my list is Alfred and I am just one among thousands of mac users which have been using and advocating Alfred in their blogs; so in the one by Alex Gates explaining clearly and most helpfully the virtues of this application and why he says it changed the way he works.
Yes, it changed mine too and these changes begin on the most simple level of starting my day on the computer. It is actually Alfred which I open as a first step by just clicking command/space on my keyboard and then typing in the abbreviation of the application with which I want to work. There is no need here for me to explain more and go into details. Have a look at the blog by Alex Gates and you will get enlightened about the power of Alfred, well and quickly.
The only thing I want to add here is the fundamental understanding that Alfred saves you an enormous amount of hassle with the mouse and so many infuriating attempts at chasing for and finding of bits and pieces in your digital world. Alfred is like the cockpit in a Jumbo or Airbus 380 or Boeing 777; it enables you to harness a huge amount of steps in single commands and provide you with deep insights into the dark states of your computer and hard disk(s).
You might want to have a go at it. As always, one has to be prepared to bother a bit. No pain, no gain. But Alfred pays you back with a degree of relief which makes it unthinkable to ever wanting to return to the times without it.