Does Software need Christianity?

I have used UpdraftPlus for a considerable time and never had any doubts about its power and value. It has never given me any reason not to stay a customer. I would rate UpdraftPlus with the best ratings in all of its settings. However, something non-digital or differently put, something political religious has entered my attention and has forced me not only to think about it but in the end to not shy away from facing up to the need of making up my mind and deciding what I find right for myself. While reading carefully, for the first time, everything on the settings page of UpdraftPlus I stumbled upon a link to your lead developer’s homepage and was more than surprised to find myself invited into discussing religious belief systems and, among other things, how much I believe in Richard Dawkins’ existence. While I totally respect whatever belief system you want to follow and might even fight for your right to have total freedom of choice and expression, I really find it inappropriate to run into you as a promoter of religious convictions and tenets when looking for and then buying the best software for my digital needs. I thought long and hard about my reaction and how much I should give it attention and importance. I can understand fully someone’s deep convictions and even his impulse to convert me to them. However, I want to make you aware that I might feel intruded by unsolicited advice and I might be greatly bothered by ideas which I consider problematic, to say the least. A phrase like for example “for Christianity, against atheism” is politically extremely problematic and loaded with all sorts of implications. Does UpdraftPlus need Jesus to convince the customer of its power?

I would recommend to you to remove from what is to be a help page for digital needs any hints or links to the political or religious belief systems the team members of your company might entertain in private. This does not take anything away from their freedom to be as active as they want to be when promoting their convictions, but it protects the customer of your excellent software from finding their fervour mixed up with the page where they want to find digital enlightenment. Thanks for your excellent good work as providers of important software. Should you feel my points are worth considering and even good advice for action, please keep me posted. For the time being however I have switched to BlogVault and hope I will not have to discover similar contamination of digital needs with religious interests. I hope BlogVault will be as good as UpdraftPlus, or at least come close to it.