Embedding or Linking: How to deal with pdf files in posts or articles. 

If you are interested in workflows you are interested in the most straight forward and simple solutions. Concerning dealing with pdf files and how to handle them inside WordPress, I can offer my own thoughts.

Firstly, there is not need to save or store pdf files anywhere else but inside the media library. (Of course, there are reasons to store them outside but I am here only interested in the easiest solution). Once you have created a pdf file and saved it anywhere on your storage device you can just import it into the WordPress media library like any other image or audio or video file.

The easiest way to include the pdf file in any context inside your website is by just linking to it. To do so one needs its URL which can be found inside the media library, one has to create the link inside the text of the post and one has to add the URL information, This link opens quickly when clicked on from inside the text and opens up to a normal pdf document with its particular possibilities.

A second way to include the pdf file is by embedding it inside the text. To do so, one needs a plugin – PDF embed for example – and with this help of this plugin it is very easy to find the pdf file “opened up” inside the running text. “PDF embed” offers quite a few option for customization, Both options are straight forward and for both there is no need to have anything stored outside your computer and your web host.

This here is the embedded pdf file:


This here is the link version



In both cases there is no need for any third-party external cloud system to store the files and link to them. No need to expose them to harvesting possibilities and no need to expose oneself to the rigmarole of api requirements.