Fata Morgana on Boulder Boulevard


Can’t be true
can’t exist in Boulder
but there she walks
right in front of my eyes

a true Fata Morgana
a Fata Morgana in Boulder

there are no Fata Morganas in Boulder
there are no Fata Morganas in the middle of the town

but who cares
there she is
there she swings
her hips
right in front on my drooling mind

makes me blink and doubt my brain
makes my jaws drop in the heat
cant be real

a dog on the left
a dog on the right
and in the middle
this Fata Morgana
a Michelangelo
of flesh and blood

cant be true

but there she walks
and how she walks
floats over the pavement
the gentle clicking of her shoes
in my ears
like the promise
of paradise and hell

Fata Morgana in Boulder
In the blasting Heat
between Good and Evil

cant believe my eyes
Apparition on Boulder Boulevard
Please keep walking on
Please do not stop walking
Please do not turn at the corner
Or walk into a shop

Please keep walking
for ever
cradle my mind