From Harvesting to WORKS

(Copy of latest post on my Facebook page).

Dear friends, I assume many of “us” agree that harvesting systems like Facebook and others – Google, Instagram, Twitter etc – have become politically intolerable and right-out dangerous. However, they provide us with a means of communication which is unique and can be extremely helpful. Hegel and Marx, some 200 years ago, understood something very profound: That temporarily  successful systems create internal contradictions which ask for their development to a higher stage of organisation through “Aufhebung” (sublation, kind of positive destruction) of the previous system. To put it in simple terms: Using Facebook and alike for the sublation of Facebook and alike. While waiting for Web 3 and Berners-Lee’s new version of a free-again internet, the development of “WORKS” has now reached a stage which encourages me to start leaving the world of harvesting systems and offer anyone interested in contact with me a platform of information and communication free of any intention to harvest, sell and exploit shared data financially and politically. “WORKS” is in no way in competition with Facebook and others. It is simply my way of avoiding all the dubious and totally unwanted side effects of the Big Harvesters when just trying to stay in touch with friends and sharing our experience of life on this planet. “WORKS” is work in permanent progress, provided my mental and physical state allows for that. If you are interested in its development and meanderings and explorations, just subscribe by clicking on the red bell at the bottom of a page or by consulting the subscription page where you find more detailed [information].

Πάντα ῥεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει (“everything changes and nothing remains still”) – Heraclitus

PS This is a “one man only” show. Have mercy, allow for imperfections, be reasonably patient and forgive me the mad assumption that all this is worth the effort. We all have our delusional systems which keep us going and hopefully happy. Mine is called “Happy Depression Productions” and you will find its traces all over my web site.
Let me finish with a quote by one of the most important thinkers in the field of wisdom, Wilfred R. Bion. The final page of his “A Memoir of the Future” ends with the following statement: “All my life I have been imprisoned, frustrated, dogged by common-sense, reason, memories, desires and – greatest bug-bear of all – understanding and being understood. This is an attempt to express my rebellion, to say ‘Good-bye’ to all that. It is my wish, I now realize doomed to failure … Wishing you all a Happy Lunacy and a Relativistic Fission … “. (Karnac Books, London 1991).

My facebook and Instagram accounts will be closed by the end of this month. Twitter, not less problematic but similarly “helpful” for the time being is still in place, but will follow later. By the way, my email address is in perfect working order and protected against harvesting and if you feel like talking to me just pick up the phone or meet me over a nice cup of coffee or tea, if you live near me.