Happy Depression and Happy Depression Productions


Life is a mixed bag, even under the best of circumstances. The idea of “happy depression” avoids the unhealthy split between hollywood or bust, mania or total gloom, hyperactivity or catatonia. Being born into a life on this planet is exhilarating and threatening and right from the first breath on the possibility of not breathing any more is realistic and always present. Getting deeply attached not only to ones own life but to other peoples’ lives can be an enormous source of joy and pleasure, but the certainty of having to separate from all that, sooner or later, is a real downer and can only described as utter absurdity. I am convinced and have learned this from my masters, that accepting life as a profoundly mixed reality and experience is by far the best way to go forward. I am also convinced it is the healthiest way to “get through it” – as my top master used to say.

The terms “Happy Depression” and “Happy Depression Productions” are the external signs of my convictions. They can be found in all parts of WORKS, so for example as name of my music band or as name of my production company which is responsible for everything I want to be part of a brand.


“Happy Depression” is a protected name.