Life after Facebook: Welcome to WORKS


If you have followed my invitation and now you have ended up here, you are welcome. In general, there is no need to do anything but go to in your browser, click on it and enter WORKS. However, if you want to be informed about further developments at WORKS just subscribe to it at Subscribe and you will be notified by email. No harvesting and selling of data, no bombardment with advertisements and invitations to “free” deals, no attempts to sell you anything or trap you into arrangements which you cannot leave at any moment without difficulties. Information which you leave at my website is as safe as I can make it. However, the digital world is full with trap doors and hidden shenanigans and entering it means protecting privacy and keeping data secure needs permanent vigilance. I will do my best.

Leaving comments where you find a comment box will require you initially to leave your email address and have it approved. The same applies to joining forums at Forums. Wherever you entrust me with your email address I want to make sure that your data is safe and cannot be abused or exploited. (For example I am using the paid services of CleanTalk to protect the whole website against spam).

Till soon and again welcome.