Indie and Cross


“Works” is based on the idea of independant production. It tries to incorporate the achievements of modern technology and use its revolutionary possibilities for freedom of creation and publication. “Works” can be seen as a celebration of the inherent dialectics of modern digital technology: As much as it has been creating monstruous dangers it is offering freedoms which go beyond anything we could have dreamt of not so long ago.
“Works” is also the result of crossing different geographical, cultural and linguistic identities. After 38 years in Germany, 16 years in England and 20 years in French speaking Switzerland, languages are mixed and google translation, which works surprisingly well, should be relied on.
“Works” is also potentially a space for cross cultural contacts and developments. It follows the ideal of a trading-post where guns and murderous differences are left outside of the perimeter of the post so that trading can take place unhampered and unrestricted. Of course, what is being traded are thoughts and feeling and ideas and convictions, with the hope that their mutual exchange and encounter is enriching for everybody.