The definition and price of “free”, according to “OneSignal”



There you go: OneSignal– cross platform push notifications – works like a charm and does exactly what I need. And OneSignal comes in 3 categories: Free, Starter and Pro. Free offers everything I need as a private person with my non-commercial website. But, OneSignal warns you now upfront – new EU regulations concerning the protection of privacy might have made this obligatory – that “data may be shared with OneSignal partners for research and advertising”, in place term they will be sold. To avoid that one would have to upgrade to the Starter level and pay USD 99 per month. (Who guarantees that this money keeps me safer)? To cut a long story short: I cannot benefit from this kind of freedom when my and your privacy – you provide my site with at least your email address – is compromised. Sorry for that, I will have to close down my account with OneSignal and will have to ask you to re-subscribe at a later stage when I have found not only a free but also secure alternative. However, it is also fascinating to get insight into wide spread and often hidden harvesting practices in the digital world. It will not take me long to get back onto the road of freedom as I fancy it.

The red notification bell will have to go and with it the entry into a harvesting machine.