On Navigating WORKs


Navigating a website is comparable to navigating the sea or any other territory. If you have a good map, all is fine. I fyou have a bad map, you might run into many difficulties. If you do not have any map you have to find your own way. Very good websites allow you to find your own way, with some guidance from the menus. Menus should be guiding and thus need to be intuitive. This means it should not be too demanding and complicated to understand their logic. They should provide everything the new client needs and they should also clarify immediately that nothing else on the page can be found.

WORKs uses basically only three menu strings.

The 1st one informs about all 8 main categories which WORKs uses to organise and sort its content.

– About – Blog – Digital – Feeling – Image – Sound – Text – Thought –

The 2nd menu string – actually 8 different strings differentiating the 8 main categories –

– CV – Tools – Work – Subscribe

– All – Art – Cloud – Dispatches – Health – Literature – Movie – Music – Obituary – Photography – Politics – Psycho – Religion – Travel

– Hardware – Software – Web

– AmP – Essays – Vignettes

– Gear – Perspectives – Photos – Videos

– Études – Gear – Lyrics – Recordings

– Feuilleton – Fiction – Verdichtungen

– Aphorisms – Concepts – Definitions – Fragments – Graffiti – Systems

The 3rd menu consists only of one link which leads back to the parent category. For example when moving from Works – About – CV – Happy Depression you have ended up with a final and single item. To go back to from where you came from the top many consists only of one link: CV. This is the link back to the previous menu. Another way of getting back to the previous menu is the back arrow button in your browser. (This back arrow should always work and is the safest way not to get lost. It should lead always back to the previous page and category with its menus.) On this “last” level with a single item there is no global menu like on the others. The way back is only via the top menu or the back arrow icon.

It was my intention to create a system of navigation which is intuitive, follows a clear logic of going forward and backwards and should not lead you astray: In the worst case outside of the website.

I have followed my own rule: Do not look for anything which is not on the page. Look for what is on the page and use it. It will let you know very quickly what it is there for.