Quantum States of Mind and Soul

It is puzzling but accepted that a particle can, according to the insights into quantum physics, be in two places at the same time. So can I and I would suggest everybody else in their minds. It has become overwhelmingly clear to me – only repeating what many other have stated already – that one’s personal past has at least two different time dimensions: It is days, months, years removed from my here-and-now, but it can and is very often another layer of my state of mind in the very moment of what we call present. Dreams tell us regularly where we are and disturb us with the insight that we are – constantly – in at least two dimensions: The dimension of our conscious thoughts and feelings, and the dimension of our unconscious ones. There is no doubt on my little mind, that we are always in at least two places at the same time. (Much bigger minds than mine would agree with that. Actually, they helped me to discover for myself what they knew already and have been telling the rest of the world.) Can we be in more places than two at the same time? I would think yes. The very moment of a most conscious present can or must always be saturated with and fed by many layers of past states of mind, presenting variations or originals of thoughts and feelings created during a life.
Time starts slipping when present, past and future fall into one and the same place. Do quantum states of mind go beyond one’s unique and very personal life? I do not know.