Camera Straps

Leica has the best straps. Why? They are light, unobtrusive, their length can be manipulated, they hold the camera well in place, they do not interfere excessively with one’s hands and fingers, and they have the most ingenious system of attachment.
I have repeatedly bought straps from other companies and have fallen for flashy and beautiful leather constructions and colour combinations, only to come back after some time to Leica’s original strap, which I thought were boring, unsexy and would not match a Leica.
How wrong I was. Luckily I kept all the original Leica camera straps and all of my Leica cameras are again equipped with them. Even my Olympus camera benefits from the spare ones I have. And I did not have to spend any extra money on them. They came with the – very expensive – Leica camera.






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