Victorious Bull


They had not payed attention to him
They let him see their practices
They thought he was too young and a bit stupid
Good canon fodder
But no menace
Not worth bothering
Or sending him for further training
He saw them practicing their business
Doing their tricks
Organzing how to fool the Bull
How to make him look stupid, in the end
How to cut his ear off
He understood
None of his comrades came ever back from the arena
He did not dream of coming back from the arena
But he started dreaming of not being stupid
Of not having his ear cut off
Of not being fooled around by their tricks and red rags

He did not come back
But the bull fighter did not come back either
He had gored him right through the head
From underneath his chin
He had fooled him
To feel save with his tricks
Till the moment
When he wanted to use his final trick

That’s when he changed the correography
When he did not do the expected
When he did not do anything …
Except to call the bluff
And ram his horn through all the trickery …