What works and what not, yet


All items in Works are, with a very few exceptions, created by Christoph Hering and are under his strict copyright. This applies primarily to music, photo, text materials, but also to the website itself.
“Works”, its content as well as its digital appearance, is the product of one person only: Christoph Hering. However, this was only possible with the help of ever developing digital technology. There will be a list of all major digital means and tools, which were essential in the production of “Works”.
“Works”, beyond its function as container and show room for past achievements and creations, is and will be, even in its most developed stage, work in progress. It is meant to be a kind of alive vessel for collecting, discussing and developing.
What is not working, or what is not implemented yet? Mainly everything related to commenting and entering a discussion. There is no place for commenting on anything, because there is no time for me to answer comments and respond, yet. I want to respond and as long as I cannot do that, I leave comments out of the website.
Many of my previous writings are still waiting for being transfered to the website and this relates very much also to the collections as epub publications at Amazon Kindle.

/Asteriscs * indicate “in preparation” or unfinished stubs. I left them in place for monitoring the functioning of layout and style of different text modules.)