Secular Theology


For Marx, Hegel’s knowledge stood on its head, which means upside down. Therefore, Marx planned to reverse this position and put Hegel’s immense wisdom on its feet. It has struck me recently how much theological knowledge gains enormous importance when one tries to rectify the same distortion in its way of thinking which Marx found in Hegel. If for example Jesus Christ on the cross is you and me and being crucified does not mean anything else but being alive in this world, on this planet and in this universe beyond comprehension, one can feel very close to and compassionate with this man above. He is nobody else but ourselves and someone had the courageous idea to depict mankind as being crucified and speaking the famous words: My father why have you forsaken us. (If ever the was a father.) The crucified man called Jesus is only half of the story and that he has sacrificed himself for us only the desperate attempt to get away from the first and much more honest impression and knowledge that he is nothing but ourselves, nailed to the cross without really knowing if this makes any other sense but being a rather correct experience of being alive.