Not for Sale, but available for friends of Happy Depression Productions.


Bags – Caps – Mugs – Shirts

All items have as text options:

Happy Depression

Life is Conflict

Love Wins


Colours, fonts, materials, and layouts will change from batch to batch.

4 sizes for shirts are provided: S, M, L, XL

Running out of stock reduces options. Stock is replenished on an irregular basis.

Please direct desire, choice and hope to

Depending on demand only one piece per item can be promised or only one item at all. You become a Friend of Happy Depression Productions by subscribing to “WORKS” at

Christoph Hering: WORKS

However, subscribing to “WORKS” and thus becoming a Friend of Happy Depression Productions does not entitle you to anything from the Memorabilia Shop. Everything depends on availability.

Please be patient. Love wins.

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